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Have you ever been in a serious medical situation where instant and secure access to your relevant health history made or would have made an important difference to the care you received? An OmniHealth Vault account could be your solution.

Can you remember or do you currently have records of:

  • all of the surgeries you have undergone and the dates?
  • current and past medications you’ve taken and their dosages?
  • previous related medical conditions you’ve experienced or the conditions you’ve been diagnosed with?
  • where a comprehensive record of your lab tests is stored?
    the name and contact information for a health care provider?
  • health care provided by a number of different providers, facilities, or in different regions within your province, in other provinces, or in other countries?

If your answers are “sort of”, “maybe”, or “no” to these questions about your health or medical history, a Co-op membership can help you. The Co-op’s OmniHealth Vault service can bring all your records together in one secure, accessible location.

For Your Children

Many chronic and rare diseases don’t appear until adulthood. Access to childhood health history is critical for timely diagnosis when problems arise. Unfortunately, many patients discover their childhood health history is unavailable when they need it most.

If or when your child needs it, will they have access to:

  • their childhood medical and health records?
  • contact information for physicians or health care providers who treated them as a child?
  • information about rare diseases, addiction, allergies, chronic diseases, psychological disorders, or other conditions that run in your family?
  • information about treatments that do or don’t work for them based on childhood or family health history?
  • somewhere to start when they become responsible for their own health management?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is “no” or “I don’t know”, a Co-op membership will help manage a loved one’s health information.  Create a child’s OmniHealth Vault to ensure all their health and medical records, as well as family health history, are there for them should they ever need it.

For Canada

Evidence shows if a significant number of Canadians used a national electronic personal health record system, we could make huge improvements to access to, the quality of, and the delivery of health care services in Canada.

As a Canadian, do you want to:

  • save Canadians billions of dollars per year on government health care spending paid for by your taxes?
  • have real and effective input into health care delivery in Canada?
  • save millions of hours of work per year for health care providers and patients to navigate the system?
  • bring Canadian health care into the digital reality of the 21st Century and protect Canada’s reputation for having the best health care available?
  • see health care work for more Canadians, including First Nation communities, people who are gender or sexually diverse, or people experiencing homelessness?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the OmniHealth Vault is for you. You can collect information from any Canadian or international jurisdiction in your OmniHealth Vault and share it with anyone you choose to for the purposes you deem appropriate.



My Health Information Co-op gives members a safe and secure alternative to Facebook for discussing health issues.  Our members-only social learning platform is FREE to use and allows patients to connect and support each other without having their personal information exploited by marketers.  On the Co-op’s private social learning platform, any member can:

  • Create public (all co-op members), private, or a hidden group for caregivers or just your family.
  • You control who can post and edit content. You control who participates in your group.
  • Groups can have discussion forums – discussion forums allow group members to communicate in a structured, Facebook-like style
  • Create and host Zoom meetings within your group.
  • Event management – let people know about an upcoming event, watch recordings, and more.

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