Healthcare service providers as Partners

Help us help our patients

We build solutions that help patients and care providers work together to improve individual health outcomes and a more efficient and cost-effective health system. This includes reducing the costs a physician practice faces in managing their patient’s health records.

Our technology partners work with care providers to build a range of internet-based, clinical-quality, medical information systems that empower patients and improve health outcomes. These digital health applications are built to fit current EMR systems and take the burden of managing patient records off health care providers and clinical staff.

Empowering patients

We work with technology vendors and physicians who understand the importance of empowering patients to be their own advocates and custodians of their health records.

In our model, the patient owns their medical information which removes the physician’s burden of maintaining a patient’s records in perpetuity! A patient’s legal right to health records cuts through the bureaucratic nightmare and costs associated with the physician’s need to store and manage a patient’s record long after they retire, or their patient moves.

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