Researchers as Partners

The co-op creates a win-win situation for researchers and patients: researchers need to recruit patients, and the Co-op supports patient support groups with donations of profits earned from patient recruitment services.

Currently, patient recruitment is expensive and slow, often done through advertising and word-of-mouth. Internet marketing strategies are increasingly used to identify and recruit patients to research studies. Some organizations build and maintain patient panels and then sell access to patients in the panel. Unlike other patient recruitment service providers, the co-op passes along profits to patient support groups. Currently, other patient recruitment service providers sometimes pay patients a nominal honorarium – patient support groups rarely receive anything at all.

Who Can Use Our Patient Recruitment Services

More and more, patient recruitment is done by Contact Research Organizations (CROs). Part of what we do is work with CROs to support their pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device research customers.

Most CRO recruitment process requires patients to complete a pile of questionnaires about their health history. Patient recruitment through the co-op is more cost effective for a CRO because co-op members who are interested in participating in research can be prequalified for studies based on their health history, making many of the questionnaires unnecessary.

When a CRO use the co-op’s patient recruitment service, a percentage of their payment is passed on to a non-profit patient support group of the co-op member’s choosing.

Interested in becoming a research partner?

To be a research partner, you must be an accredited researcher working on issues of importance to co-op members. If you wish to become a research partner, please contact us. Email