Patient Support Groups as Partners

We provide patient support groups with a community-building platform

We give patients a community-building platform that is similar to Facebook but unlike Facebook, and other similar services, personal information is not sold to advertisers and marketing firms.   The Co-ops community-building platform is free to use and provides individuals and organizations with a service that helps patients connect and support one another – which is a fundamental Co-op value.

Check out the following blog post for information about why we provide this service and download this document on how it works.

People helping people is a core principle of what a co-op does and that is why supporting patient support groups is a natural fit for our vision, mission and purpose. Patient support groups donate thousands of hours to help people navigate the difficult diagnosis and treatment odyssey they find themselves on – no matter what the ailment, disease, or syndrome.

Who Can Use Our Patient Recruitment Services

Are you looking for support?  Consider joining a patient support group, patient support groups:

  • Provide emotional support – connect you with other people like you to share experiences
  • Increase health literacy – help build your ability to read, understand, and maximise the use of your health information for better health
  • Educate – provide trustworthy and up to date information about the health care system, diseases, treatments and medications
  • Lobby government – to fund needed services and treatments
  • Provide trustworthy information – don’t rely on “ Google”, ask the patients who have first-hand experience about care providers and treatments


All your health information, under your control, when you need it.


Raise individuals’ awareness and knowledge of the use and relevance of health records for better health outcomes while safeguarding member information control and custody, confidentiality, privacy and security.


We’re here to help members protect and use their health record history to support diagnosis and treatment for better individuals and population health outcomes.

Canadian research shows support groups:
  • Reduce depression, pain, and anxiety [1]
  • Improve coping skills [2]
  • In some cases, can extend survival time
  • Help you stay in the loop with latest treatment for rare diseases
  • Give you a voice to help inform health care service delivery in Canada based on your lived experience [3]
  • Help educate our health care professionals about the patient perspective and service delivery gaps [4]
  • Help people with ongoing treatment (such as chronic illness, rare diseases, terminal illness, and cancer) successfully and effectively navigate the health care system
  • Educate patients about their diagnosis and help them manage pain and other symptoms [5]

Nominate a support group?

Already part of a support group? Contact us to learn more about how we can help fund your patient support group.