Improving Health and Wellness

What We Do

Co-op members have access to patient advocacy, health system navigation and health literacy services.

Good health literacy means being able to access, understand, evaluate, communicate and use information related to your health to make appropriate health decisions.  To support health literacy, members have access to health assessment tools and our social learning site.  The Co-op’s Family Health History tool is used to create a record of the diseases and health conditions in your family.  The Family Health History profile is used to learn about the risk for conditions that can run in families. The health assessment tools and the social learning site support patient communications with care providers.

Members can also create a lifetime health service history based upon their MSP Billing History. Your MSP Billing History is a record of all health services received and paid for through Canadas’ universal, publicly funded health system.  The Co-op’s OmniHealth Vault service is a safe and secure place to store health information, like your MSP Billing History and Family Health History profile.

The Co-op does not provide medical advice; the Co-op provides tools and technology to help people become partners in the delivery of care.

Currently, Co-op members can use the automated FOI request process to obtain a PDF copy of their BC MSP Billing History*. The Co-op is currently working through the FOI process with the BC Ministry of Health to automate the delivery of member’s MSP Billing History and ensuring Co-op members receive all their records, not just the most recent seven years.

When a Co-op member’s PDF report is sent, the billing event information is extracted and uploaded into the Co-op member’s Omni Health Vault account (shown in the screenshot).

My Health Information Co-op takes the security of member information very seriously. After all, as fellow Co-op members, we all want our personal information safeguarded from tampering. The Co-op achieves this in several ways.

  • There are mechanisms to audit access to the site and monitor non-authorized attempts to access the site.
  • The transmission of data, storage and communications between members is encrypted.
  • The Co-op’s security includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner.
  • Our Threat Defense includes firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP address identification to keep our website safe.
  • The Co-op has deployed a suite of additional features to protect member information with the most comprehensive security option available.
  • Additionally, we undertake regular cybersecurity audits by independent cybersecurity experts to evaluate and test site security.

Members have lots of reasons to feel their information is secure.

*Throughout 2021 we will be working with Co-op members to add other jurisdictions.

What We Do

Why We Need to Collaborate


We live in a time of increasingly complex health care systems and nanosecond doctors’ visits. This means you must be prepared to understand and manage your own health care, or the health care of a loved one, more than ever. In many situations, managing your family health care is not just smart but a medical necessity.

Health Care Teams

In an ideal world, you would have a health care team working together in coordination with you. Every member of your health care team would have everything they need to know about you immediately available at their fingertips.

Unfortunately, we know it doesn’t usually or always work this way in real life. Your team can be fragmented, scattered, and constantly changing. It often falls on you to coordinate your care and make sure each health care provider you see has all the necessary information.

A Better Solution

A better solution would allow care teams to work together with patients, give patients full control of their records, and make these records easier to share securely. We’re always looking for collaborators who might be up to the challenge of making this happen, so please get in touch with us if  that’s you and you want to get involved.