Individual Memberships

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FREE - Caregiver and DIY Membership


Best for people who want to do-it-themselves.  You have access to the Members-only area to support a loved one or join a patient support group.

No OmniHealth Vault account included with this membership level.

Please consider a donation.

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Voting Member


  • To vote, each user of the Co-op’s services is required to become a member shareholder of the Co-op. Becoming a member means also becoming an owner of the Co-op
  • There is a minimum share purchase required. Each new member must purchase at least 1 share. Each Co-op membership share is $1.
  • Members are encouraged to purchase as many shares as they feel comfortable doing to support the Co-op.
  • Proceeds from Co-op share sales are used to finance the Co-ops development, growth and operations.
  • Members may purchase as many shares as they wish, whenever they wish, to support the Co-op’s mission.
  • Member shares can be sold back to the Co-op if and when a member decides to revoke their membership and support.

Remember, only 1 share is required to be purchased to become a member. This is to ensure that no one is excluded because of their financial circumstance.


One (1) or more membership shares. Sign Me Up!

** The Co-op is working with each jurisdiction to speed up the process for accessing records.  Billing records from British Columbia can be added now and other jurisdictions will be added throughout 2021.